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I was raised in Burlington, Colorado and have been practicing law in eastern Colorado since 1977. In the courtroom, I've spent time both in front of and behind the bench, leading me to believe I've nearly done it all and seen it all.

After finishing my undergraduate work at the University of Colorado in 1973, I went on to the University of Tulsa where I earned my law degree in 1976. I have been practicing for over 35 years now, and I was fortunate to work with my father, John C. Penny, for twenty of those years. He was a wonderful partner and mentor.

In addition to practicing privately I also spent 30 years (1977 - 2007) as a part-time judge for Kit Carson County, and served as Chief Judge for the 13th Judicial District from 2007 - 2009.

My wife and I moved to Sterling in 2006, and I am now practicing law across eastern Colorado with offices in both Sterling and Burlington. I consider myself a grateful citizen of the eastern plains of Colorado, and I have strong ties to the various communities that I have served.

My strengths are rural issues and a "get-it-done" commonsense approach to the law. I consider myself a good listener and problem-solver, and know that both are critical in legal issues.

Outside of my law practice, I cherish my free time and love spending time with my wife, family, children and grandchildren. I enjoy hunting, fishing, wood turning, and various outdoor activities; I'm also an instrument-rated pilot.

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