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If you've ever read James P. Owen's "Cowboy Ethics - What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West," then you'll understand some of the principles that are important to me, both in the way I conduct business and in the way I live. If you've never read the book, I encourage you to do so. Suffice to say I like the idea of living by a code, or set of standards, that inspire honor, loyalty and decency.

Change is the only thing certain in life and change is often good. As a lawyer and leader, I counsel clients on dealing with change in their lives. Who are you listening to? Who are you not listening to? What is the big picture?

I believe in directness. I believe that being indirect (round-a-bout/passive/untruthful) can be one of the cruelest things you can do to another person.

I believe in TODAY…accomplishing what you can today, not getting too far ahead of yourself, living in the moment, and persevering in your goals and aspirations.

My 32+ years on the bench have taught me that 90% of conflict relates to control issues.

I believe in alternate lists—never pass up an alternate list. Though you must often deal with plan B, sometimes the alternate list will get you back to plan A.

I believe in courage to stand up for your principles –and moving on when your environment stifles your convictions.

I believe in a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously. We are all human and imperfect and we all know suffering and good times. We need to smile, laugh, and be grateful.

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